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Keyword density

Word count Use this tool to get quickly the number of characters and spaces, the word count, phrases, paragraphs, the reading time, the speaking time and the first 10 keyword density.

This tool is easy to use, write in the input box, or copy and paste text and on the right will appear all the text details automatically. The calculation is dynamic, from the moment you start typing, or after pasting the text, the results will be visible immediately. At the top right you can find the buttons to undo and redo, change all letters in upper and lower case, and to erase all text.

Who counts the words

Writers, content editors, journalists, translators, bloggers, web editors, web masters, students are the works most in need of this service. The tool, however, not born by specific audience and this because sooner or later everyone will be in a position to obtain information from a text. The web, for example, has extended the requirement to create text limited to a certain number of words or characters, just think of Facebook post, a message on Twitter, SMS, this has led people to optimize their content. So anyone can use it.

How to get word count and character count in a word processor software is a simple and easy tool that allows you to get the number of words and letters in a text. You can use it online, for free and without installing software on your computer. Many people, however, like to work with a complete writing software that can offer all the tools necessary to write a text, for any type of destination. Here's how to get the text details also with the most common word processors software.

  • How to get word count and character count in Microsoft Word

    Counts word in Microsoft WordIn lower left shows "Words" with the next total. By clicking right on "Words" a window will appear indicating, among other things, the word count.

  • How to get character count in Microsoft Excel

    Counts word in Microsoft ExcelYou can get the character count using the LEN function. Write a text in A1 cell. In another cell write the function LEN(A1).

  • How to get word count and character count in Google Doc

    Counts word in Google DocGet word count in Google Doc is sample. Click on "Tools" and then "Word count".

  • How to get word count and character count in Apple Pages

    Counts word in Apple PagesTo get word and character count in Apple Pages click on "View" in the menu, then click on "Show Word Count".

  • How to get word count and character count in LibreOffice

    Counts word in LibreOfficeAs in the previous Word processors, also in LibreOffice is very easy to get word count. Click on "Tools", then click on "Word Count".

  • How to get word count and character count in OpenOffice

    Counts word in OpenOfficeGet word count in OpenOffice is quick. Click on "Tools", then click on "Word Count".

The character count in social networks

Social networks are places where people meet, interact and share information of all kinds. Every day there are people who write Facebook posts, add their own work experience on Linkedin, insert news in Twitter channel, describing a video on Youtube. All this is possible because these sites make available to users of input boxes where to write within a specified number of characters. A typical example is Twitter with its 140 characters can be said that has forced its users to create a new way of communicate. It can be handy to know the character limit usable on the major social networking websites.

Characters limits in Facebook

  • 63.206 per post.
  • 150 for fan page description.

Characters limits in Twitter

  • 140 per tweet.
  • 15 for the username.
  • 116 for the retweet comment.

Characters limits in Pinterest

  • 160 for the bio.
  • 100 for the board titles.
  • 500 for the board and for the description of the single pin information.

Characters limits in Instagram

  • 150 for the bio.
  • 2200 for the image title.

Characters limits in Linkedin

  • 120 for the headline.
  • 2000 for the summary.
  • 600 for the status update.
  • 500 for each experience.
  • 100 for graduation.
  • 500 for training.
  • 1000 to describe the interests or awards.

Characters limits in Google+

  • 100.000 the maximum number of characters for a post.

Characters limits in YouTube

  • 1000 for the video description.

The reading time and the speaking time

Reading time Have you ever thought about how long it takes a person to read your article or your message on a blog or website? To avoid boring the user and increase the involvement is good to also consider this factor: the reading time. With this tool, you can calculate it easily and quickly. The calculation is based on the average of 220 words per minute that an adult can read divided by the number of words in the text. Another useful feature of the is the speaking time. Probably you happened to attend an event and you have to calculate the time of a speech or a presentation. In these cases, this tool helps you to quickly get also the speaking time. The calculation is based on an average of 130 words per minute of an adult person, divided by the number of words in a text.